We needed a way to add likes to stories for Minstrels. We started looking for gems that provide this functionality and we found tombell/mongoid-voteable, that does a little more by providing a voting system to mongoid models. So we decided to fork this gem and focus only on likes. Today we gave it back to the open source community.


add the gem to your Gemfile

gem 'mongoid-likeable'


Include the Mongoid::Likeable module to the models you want to like.

class Story
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::Likeable

  # ...

You can like a story by simply using the like method on the model.

@story = Story.first
@user = User.first

@story.like @user
@story.unlike @user

There is also a method to check if a user liked a model.

@story.liked? @user # true if the user has already liked this

Likes are stored in a field called likes, so you can sort models by like count.

Note: if your users are not stored in a Mongo collection or the ID field is not called _id, you can still pass the ID in as the second parameter instead.

@story.like @user.id

@story.liked? @user.id

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